The Indian National Bibliography (INB) has been conceived as an accurate, comprehensive and authoritative bibliographical record of current publications in the 14 major languages of India including English based on the books received by the National Library, Kolkata, under the provision of the Delivery of Books Act, 1954.

Utility of INB

  • Records the country’s intellectual output
  • Bibliographical data of 14 Languages of India including English brought under one roof
  • Wide publicity for books and publishers
  • Source material for compilation of subject bibliographies and book statistics
  • Book selection tool for librarians and book sellers
  • Guide in classification, cataloguing etc for library professionals

INB: Classified Part:

Entries in the INB are arranged in a classified sequence as per the Dewey Decimal system of subject classification (22nd edition). The corresponding Colon Classification (6th Edition) is also assigned at the right hand corner below each entry. Chain Procedure is used for subject headings. If more than one entry comes under the same classification number, the entry is arranged according to the alphabetical order of the author. If there are two or more works by the same author under the specific classification number, the name of the author is not repeated and the works are arranged alphabetically by their titles under the specific DDC number.

INB: Author & Title Index:

In this part, the entries are arranged according to the alphabetical order. When the author of the book is known, it can be traced using Author and Title Index. If the information in the index entry is found inadequate and more information is required, it refers to the entry in the classified part with the help of the class Number assigned at the end of the Author Index Entry.

INB: Subject Index :

To find the books in a particular subject, one can take the help of Subject Index which refers to the Classified part by the means of DDC Number assigned against the name of the subject. For example, in the Subject Index under India, all the subjects related to India have been brought together.