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Central Reference Library, Kolkata
Annual Action Plan 2009-2010

The Central Reference Library, Kolkata is mainly responsible for the Implementation of two schemes, viz. (a) compilation and publication of Indian National Bibliography: in Roman script as monthly issues and Annual Cumulation.  This is a bibliography of current Indian Publications in Indian languages recognized by the Indian Constitution and in English, (b) Compilation and publication of Index Indiana (in Roman
Script); an Index to articles appearing in current Indian periodicals in major languages (c) Publication of language bibliographies in their respective scripts.
Under the New Schemes (a) Apprenticeship for Library Science students from Various Indian Universities to train them in the compilation of Bibliographies in their respective languages.  Last year 35 students were successfully trained.  (b)  Library software system and language software needs of upgradation alongwith computer network during 2009-2010.  (c)  In order to improve the sale of publication regular  participation in the Book Fairs and exhibitions is needed.  (d)  August 2007-August 2008 is the Golden Jubilee year of the Indian National Bibliography.  A number of programmes are being organized in this connection, like Seminar, Publisher’s meet, meeting with Directors/Librarians of state Libraries, Golden Jubilee publications, public function, Advt. and publicity, Mementos presentation to staff & Ex-staff etc.  Sufficient fund has been allocated for the seminars and other functions in head for O.E. 2009-2010.  Since CRL’s activity is mainly publication of the INB and Index Indiana necessary fund has
been provided in the head for printing and publishing.
Scheme wise proposed outlay for the Annual Plan 2009-2010 in respect of the Central Reference Library, Kolkata are indicated as under.

Sl.No. Scheme Proposed outlay for the
Annual Plan 2009-2010
1. a) Uploading of INB data on the net.
b) Compilation and printing of Index Indiana
c) Printing of language bibliographies
  New Schemes  
1. Apprenticeship for Library science Students 2.00.000
2. INB Golden Jubilee celebrations 8,00,000
3. Development programme for North East 10,00,000
4. a) Printing and publishing of monthly and annual
issues of INB
b) Creation of INB Data Collection Centre in
Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & Guwahati
5. Advertisement of INB 5,00,000
  Total (Outlay Proposed for 2009-2010) 60,00,000
  Outlay for 2008-2009 60,00,000
  Outlay for 11th Plan (2007-12) 255.00/- Lakhs

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