First computerized INB came out in JUNE 2000. It is a landmark in the history of Indian National Bibliography. LibSys software and GIST technology were used. The software was running in UNIX platform and dumb GIST terminals (thin client) were used for entering bibliographic data in the respective languages. It was very much time consuming to type in language script but generation of the bibliography was very easy and it has the facility to generate the Classified part, Author and Title index automatically.

The arrangement of multilingual INB records integrating Indian language scripts (ISCII) in one sequence was difficult. But software customization overcame the difficulties. After upgradation of the LibSys software (LS Premia), CRL could generate language bibliographies in respective scripts.

Retro conversion Project:

After the computerisation of compilation of the Indian National Bibliography in June 2000, it was felt the need to convert the old INB records from 1958 till then. With the approval of the Ministry of Culture, the retro-conversion of INB records was taken up in 2002 and was completed in 2005. During this period more than 3 lakhs of multilingual records were converted into MARC 21 format.