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"The Indian National Bibliography........ is the first major contribution to the world of bibliography made by independent India.... A first publication of this type has to face the difficulties inherent in a pioneering effort, but our scholars here displayed both courage an resourcefulness in overcoming them".
Prof Humayun Kabir, July 9
The then Minister of Education 1958.

"........What a wonderful job you have made of it..... everyone is to be congratulated on the enormous amount of work and thought that has gone into this splendid result. I know that your countrymen are going to be proud of this work and I feel I want to shake you and your colleagues by the hand for having set your National Bibliography of to such a startI".
A.J.Wells, General Editor,
The British National Bibliography
October 8 1958.

".... the Indian National Bibliography will take it's proper place in the rank of best national bibliographies"
P.M. Bogatcher, Director
Lenin State Library, Moscow, USSR
November 6, 1958.

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