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The comprehensiveness and the success of the National Bibliography depends mainly on the active co-operation of the publishers to the provisions of the Delivery of Books Act (Public Libraries), 1954.

The publishers should realise that the inclusion of their titles in the Indian National Bibliography offers opportunity for publicity throughout the world free of cost and record their publishing activities for the future generations. Publishers, therefore, should send all their publications overlooking the cost involving, as soon as they are published. The benefits outweigh the cost involved in sending their books to the National Library in accordance with D.B. Act. This will make the I.N.B as comprehensive as possible so as to serve the scholarly world better. Here is an opportunity for all publishers of the country to serve India through their active co-operation to the provisions of the D.B. Act.

Publications of CRL are available for sale. Payments should be made to the Librarian, Central Reference Library, Kolkata-700027 in advance.

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